friendship comes in many ways


Often in life we make friends, or think we do at least. Sometimes its for good reasons and good things can come from them but other times someone is being used and the other person in oblivious. Almost everyone in this world just looks out for themselves and its eat or be eaten. The strong survive and the weak find loopholes. All the time in friendships one person is more into it then the other and is blinded by the friendship. If you don’t benefit from something you will probably stop doing it and do something else. But true friends and noice people will be there for you even when you have nothing to bring to the able. There there just for you and who you are as a person and thats how true friendships last. Give and take, not using people for your own self gain. Being around someone because you feel obligated to isnt a way to live life you have to want to do it. Thing of Lenny and George from of mice and men. To others it  might seem like george is using lenny and taking his pay because hes dumb but in reality they are good friends and look out for eachother.

Embrace Your Passions

Some Words To Live By

I spend quite a lot of my free time on the internet, watching youtube videos. And a majority of the time I watch the products of one certain group of six guys. I would look forward to getting home and seeing what those guys had thought up to entertain all of their viewers. But recently, one of the guys had quit the group. While I was obviously sad about this, I needed to know why. Apparently he quit to follow his new passion, streaming videos instead of recording them. So I checked out what was new. I didn’t think that I would like it as much, but the guy seemed so much happier doing this than he had been in the recent videos. I couldn’t be upset over him doing what makes him happy so I decided to be happy with him.

Life is too short to waste time doing…

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you do you while you still can…

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 Freedom comes with risks. Many things can be taken from you just as fast as they are given. Going out and having fun with friends has become so normal to us that we forget its a privileged.  Do what needs to be done first before you expect to be free and have fun all day. Get your priorities straight. Having fun and being free is what we all crave and think we deserve. Why is it that all of us do whatever we want whenever we want and party and do weird things that we know are wrong. The answer is simple we all just want to “be free” and “find ourselves” we use it as an excuse to fuck up more then usual. Yes we will all make mistakes but having a scape goat will make us feel less guilty about it later in life when we look back on it. Some of the kids in this messed up generation have already realized this and know that kids will go and do whatever because they think that it wont matter later in life, they are wrong and sadly its true that the decisions we make now in life will effect us majorly later in life. Oh well, some of us will figure it out sooner then others. Have pity for the people that figure this out twelve years later in the future and realize how dumb they were and the regrets and memories will flood back. Im sorry for them.

farm that good Sh*t

Migrant farmers have a very rough life… Having to travel place to place not really having a home of their own. Going to different farms working for about a week or two, three at most and then having to uproot everything and move because their jobs are done. Then they take a train or sell things to get gas money just to go to the next farm where they will get money to fed their family. Even when they settle just for two weeks they are mistreated and no one really cares for them and think that they carry diseases. Yet don’t even know that they are the reason why we have fresh fruits and veggies. We dont appreciate the people that constantly bring us food and we are disgusted at the fact that “immigrants keep coming here” but wiyhtout them we would have a lot less fresh food. Its not like a man from newport will want to spend two weeks picking up fruits when he could be on a boat or goldfing. All they want is some appreciation.




Disrespect comes easy to some of us. Because everything is given to us growing up we tend to take advantage of the good things in life… the small things that could make us happy. A gift from a friend that is sentimental usually is worth allot in the world but the value it has because its from a friend should be unforgettable. But we feel like a friend should give us things and same with our family because thats how we grew up, getting things handed to us. Yes some people didnt have their parents give them everything in life and those people tend to appreciate things allot more. Growing up and getting toys that your parents bought they would be destroyed within hours but if they made you save up and spend your own money it was last for a few months because you realized how hard it is to get  money in life. Money controls us and sadly its true … people claim that money isnt everything but without it you cant really live and thats the sad thing. Everything is handed to you then you go to the real world and things are actually taken from you instead of given.

You thinks thats ok?

Why do people act before they think… It creates so many more issues in life. My friend and I were walking and talking about relationships. She says to me ” I dont know if i could date an ugly person, Physical attachments are a major part of relationships, I have to be physically attracted to them because no one wants to have sex with someone ugly.” After hearing  this I was outraged and started going in this tangent. “What kind of person are you $ when did you think it was ok to think that physical attributes were more important then the persons heart? The fact you can say what you said and not feel bad about it makes me want to throw up. Be with someone that makes you happy based on the way the act and treat others. Someone that shares the same ambitions as you, and if theyre hot then thats just a bonus.” I cant get over the fact that some people thinks that its ok to be shallow, it also scares me how these parents just chose to forget to teach this child that its more important to want to be with a good person then a hot person that has a sucky personality. Then she said ” 70% of marriage ends in divorce the top two reasons, money and lack of sex, So why would i marry an ugly person and not sleep with them all the time we wont get divorced.” My responce ” people get divorces  becasue they arnt happy with the person they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with because… they fell in love with each other for the wrong reasons, and those reasons are the ones you are talking about… looks.”


stop1   Girls stop. stop talking and being annoying and acting like youre all princesses because youre not. Stop expecting guys to treat you perfectky and worship the ground you walk on youre a human just like us guys. Yeah when I get a girl Ill treat her nicely and focus my time on her but once people start demanding and getting mad that you dont treat them like a queen thats where we draw the line. Why do men always have to be the ones doing nice things for girls when half the time they dont even appreciate what we do. The few times girls do nice things for us men they hold it over us in a fight and act all high and might and then act like we dont do anything for them. They depend on us so much for happiness yet treat us like shit. Why? Who made the rule that girls were suppose to be a prized possession. Get off your high horse and act like a real person. Why is it that girls are surprised when guys leave them after they do nothing but nag and make us feel unneeded. Girls would be respecting guys and all they do, yes allot of guys out there are terrible people but yes theyre are even more girls like that. Dont let a person define who you are. Im not saying dont be nice to girls just dont treat them like gold, yeah if your in love youd take a bullet for that person but dont let that cloud your judgment if youre obviously being mistreated. Im over it… Main thing to remember dont put your happiness into others theyll fail you. Put it in yourself because youll always be there for your self and do what makes you happy, do the right things for others though, dont be selfish just watch your back, theres no way you can please everyone and once people realize that they will finally stop stressing about it and finally be happy. So stop being ungrateful women out there.

Are you happy?


Your actions define you as a person. If you arnt happy with who youve become its all youre fault… Things can change just like people ca, situations can be different, you might make a different choice that someone else might not of made but who cares. It is your life after all. The key to life is happiness and people can argue that it’s something different, ignore them. You’ve lived long enough to know whats good and bad and usually the bad things you do are because they are fun and make you happy. Doing bad things for good reasons while other people judge you is one of the dumbest things in life. It’s not your life to worry about and you dont know what that person has had to strive through just to be standing infront of you today. Kick back. Life will do whatever it wants you can try to fight it or you can just go with the flow of the ups and downs like some you can stay down and only focus on the sad things in life. Or be great full to be alive and have a house and food. You determine how happy you are not others… Youre the one that has to live with yourself, who wants to be around someone whos sad all the time, yes its normal to be sad sometimes but if its constant somethings wrong and you cant look towards others for that its not their responsibility. Why be sad and stress when you can enjoy life for once?

wanting and needing.


 People want everything they can get their hands on. A lot of us will never be happy with what we have and will always want more… It’s sad because we are born with so much already yet it isn’t enough for us. Greed controls us. All of us.

Do you remember when you were growing up and you tried to make a pillow fort out of your couch? Life is kinda like you building a pillow fort if you think about it. You spend your time trying to build up your life with the things you think that are necessary to having a strong life yet your fort falls down all the time. You usually get mad and try to put it back together and learn from your mistakes, so you make improvements to it. Safety pins, tape, your moms old vacuum or broom stick would hold it together just a little better. Then your neighbor comes over and you feel like you’re done and have accomplished so much and you both go in to hangout and as you get in the safety pin falls off with your sheet connecting to the broom touching the main pillow and boom its all gone and you’re back to square one. This is where most people would give up because they didn’t have what they wanted and realized that balding something strong is hard. So why do it alone. I would grab my brother and use his intelligence to my advantage as we tucked the old white sheets under the dust infested couch cushions. Put the rotting broom in the middle to keep it from sagging and bamb you’re done. We grow up thinking we NEED more to do better but you just need a friend. We ll want and need things but the things we search for are far away and we always forget to see whats right in front of our faces, family and friends. They’re their all the time so we don’t take their time for advantage and one day you’ll wake up and they’ll be gone. So stop wanting things that aren’t needed in your life.